Juice Systems
Clifford Distributing is proud to offer not only restaurant and bar supplies but
we also install and service your juice systems free of charge! We offer a wide
variety of juice products, including but not limited to, cranberry, pineapple,
orange juice, sweet and sour, tonic, and ginger ale.

Conventional Service: We install, flush lines, brix systems, and provide maintenance
to your systems Monday-Friday. We schedule the service on a rotating basis to ensure
that your juices are at the utmost of quality for you and your customers.

Emergency Service: We provide emergency service to our juice customers free of charge
24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We deliver to businesses in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Cincinnati, Ohio. We are
pleased to require no minimums and no delivery fees on customer's normally scheduled
delivery day.
(Surcharge for deliveries on non-standard scheduled delivery day.)

Show Room
If you want to check out our quality products in person please feel free to set up a
consultation or make an appointment to see our showroom today! This provides the
perfect opportunity when starting a restaurant or bar of your own. When visiting our
showroom you will be able to see samples of our glassware as well as China and have
the opportunity to sample our juices from our juice system.